A return to Block Island

One of the joys of being an adult is picking your friends. I’m always bewildered by adults who say making friends is hard. When you’re a kid, you’re forced together. Your common bond is school or that your parents are friends or that you’re on the same swim team. That’s about it. There’s a small pool to fish in for childhood friends. Don’t get me wrong, I still have some amazing childhood friends who have transitioned to being adult friends. But making new friends as an adult is awesome. It’s like dating but so much more fun.

Audra, me, Fawziah, and Emily on the 4th of July

As an adult, I surround myself with people that I not only have things in common with, but people who’s company I truly enjoy. When you’re an adult, you don’t need to always be friends with those who are around you, like your coworkers or people in your yoga class. You go through life and meet new people and think, oh, this is a good connection. Then you work to establish and nurture those relationships. Not all work out, of course. But the friends you make in adulthood are great. Your common bond is more than geography or forced circumstances. And sometimes you have to really plan to see those friends, as they might live in another city or state or even country. But the time together makes it worth it.

Scenes from the Block Island 4th of July parade

This week I’m on Block Island with a great group of friends (albeit, we are missing some great friends this time around, but hopefully they will be back for next year’s house). Some I see more frequently than others, some friends I only see when we’re on Block Island. The week is half over and I’m already looking forward to our next trip while trying to savor every moment of this one. Block Island is the sort of place where you want to go to bed early just so you can wake up early and do the day all over again.

Larry, me, and Nicole at the Spring House

Block Island has always been a second home. Little changes from year to year and time always seems to slow down once I’ve stepped off the Point Judith ferry. There’s something about Block Island that makes me feel free, young, and limitless. This island is just a place where I can be me, the best of me, and not care who’s looking or what they think. I can bike the island during the early morning and enjoy the serenity that comes after dawn. I can sleep on the beach and not concern myself with the time on the clock. I can float or swim in the ocean whenever I please. I can laugh all day with friends and family and just enjoy their company as we all enjoy this magical place. (My mom stayed with as well, but I don’t have any photos of her! Shout out to mom Page).

More scenes from the 4th of July parade

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