The art of doing nothing 


First, I’d like to provide a disclaimer. No one should visit Block Island. It’s awful. My dad always tells me to let others know, “there’s nothing there for you”. There’s just too many tourists visiting and we can’t share our piece of paradise with others.

Block Island

I’m thinking the disclaimer is useless as my last post was also about Block Island. And I can’t lie, I love Block Island. We had a great week this year, of course. I often get asked, “what’s there to do on Block Island?” Or “what did you do today?” The answer is typically: “nothing”.

Mohegan Bluffs

Well, I didn’t do nothing all week. I spent a lot of time at the beach. And eating. And riding my bike. And I read two books (one was for young readers, but please know I borrowed that from my mom, and it was a great book). I went to the farmer’s market. I walked a lot. And laughed a great deal. But there were a lot of other things I could’ve done. Like hiked some trails. Or visited the lighthouses. Or took out a surf or paddle board. But there’s something blissful about doing nothing. Especially when that nothing is done alongside great friends and family. As with each year, my week of nothing is everything and is now over. Now we lament our misfortune of being on the mainland and begin the 12 month process of planning our next week of nothingness. Farewell, sweet island! Until we meet again…

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