A warm welcome to Reykjavik and all aboard the National Geographic Explorer

Almost 9:30pm and not a hint of sunset as the sunny skies and calm sea surround me in the library atop the National Geographic Explorer. I’m working away up in the hopes of catching a glimpse of a whale, while marveling at the purple and blue mountain range off in the distance. I will try to stay up until sunset, but if I don’t make it this first night, I will make it another night.IMG_0388

Today’s highlights included touring around Reykjavik, exploring the boat, and meeting some interesting people onboard, both staff and guests. At the National Museum of Iceland I really enjoyed the exhibit “Bundled-Up in Blue”. Aside from reminding me of a great Dylan tune, this exhibit had nothing to do with music but the re-investigation of a viking grave. I was captivated by this small exhibit which told the story of how scientists looked deeply at this grave using science. I was fascinated by this small item in a jar, the preserved facial bones, teeth, and flesh of the young viking woman. This small item in the jar was preserved due to their proximity to her copper-alloy brooch, which acted as a biocide and prevented microorganisms from breaking down this soft tissue. The corroding copper from the brooch also stained the teeth blue, which was pretty dammed cool. I bought a small book on the exhibit so I could read more about this artifact, the remains and how the team at the museum conducted their initial and reexamination of this grave.IMG_0373.JPG

Other items to note from the day: we ran into another GTF buddy, Tim, who had just gotten off the Explorer this morning. He was a huge help and gave us some last minute tips as we dashed to our bus. Enjoyed selected activities for the week (they literally have a tour entitled “Game of Thrones”). Food on boat is delicious. Enough typing, this takes away from my quest to find whales..IMG_0378.JPG

(This post is for July 20th, 2016, internet is not reliable)IMG_0383

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  1. It must be so weird knowing that it’s nighttime, but having everything look like it did 12 hours ago. I bet that messes with the sleep patterns quite a lot!


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