Hello. My name is Ledurblökumadurinn.

I headed to the bow and bridge early this morning, around 6:30am. We were cruising into a gorgeous fjord and the bright morning sky was peaking through the clouds, tossing sunlight on the calm water below the bow. I spent some time on the bridge, intently staring through binoculars in my endless pursuit of cetaceans while enjoying conversation with Finn the safety office and James, the new addition to the dive time. Afterwards I took my coffee (aka sweet nectar of the Nordic Gods) down to the bow and marveled in some solitude. My alone time was happily interrupted by naturalist and geologist Grace (aka the basalt queen) who told me all about how this fjord and others were carved by glaciers. Quite a nice start to the morning. IMG_0564.JPG
We again boarded the zodiacs and headed to Dynjadni, which is a waterfall broken into seven distinct sections. Each tier has a specific name. I like Hundafoss, which is essentially dog waterfall. We hiked up along the waterfall to the base of the largest part. I was grateful Eric reviewed how to set the camera to create a “silky” effect with the water, let me know how I did in these photos. The waterfalls were peaceful and calming, surrounding by small nordic plants and flowers. Including purple thyme. We had lots of thyme, er, I mean time to explore and hike along the waterfall. I played a bit more with the Theta camera and took some spherical images to bring back to my classroom, so we can have a “virtual field trip” with Google cardboard. Many of the Explorer hikers wore bug nets over their faces. I simply could not wear one, even though the legions of midges (non-biting, thankfully) assaulted my poor face. The midges are awful. But the waterfall was worth some bugs. And the one bug I accidentally swallowed. And one that flew up my nose. Well, two. I think you get the picture.
We had our first recap, in which the staff reviews the previous activities with a slide show or video. The underwater specialists showed a video from last week, as they were training the new dive buddy yesterday. I was completely captivated by the video and can’t wait to see more of what’s under the boat. Also, learned that “Ledurblökumadurinn” is “Batman” in Icelandic. Now, say that five times fast (or once, just try to say it once). (NOTE: There are some viking letters that are supposed to be in that word, the “d” are supposed to look different but I can’t find the letter…).
After dinner we visited Vigur Island, which is the second largest island of the Isafjordur Bay  and home to many eider ducks, puffins, and arctic terns. I’d love to tell you all more, but it’s 11pm and I’m beat. Plus with a 6:30am breakfast tomorrow, I will just leave you with puffins.IMG_0743.JPG

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