Naughty Icelandic horses and herring girls


We started the morning in Siglufjördur, which is the northernmost town in Iceland. This town has always relied heavily on fishing and the processing of fish products but this particular town had a dramatic relationship with herring. We visited the Herring Era Museum and were entertained by a performance of local “herring girls”. There was a cute little girl who fell entirely into a herring bucket, such a cutie. Although Iceland was warned of impeding fishery collapse, the herring did not disappear until the late 1960s, as 1968 was the last herring season. The fishery collapsed and just like that, no more herring. The museum was cool and rivaled by the fog rolling in and out of the area.IMG_1105.JPG

We did a quick walking tour of our next stop, Akureyri, which is the second largest city in Iceland. The botanic gardens were pretty, despite the rain. Perhaps the rain made the colors pop out more. We then went horseback riding along the water, which was gorgeous. My horse, Sosi, was naughty. So very naughty. He did not listen to me at all. He refused to speed up. He kept stopping to snack. He kept putting his head down and turning the wrong way. And worst, worst of all, he kept farting. Naughty, naughty horse. When I was done, he nuzzled his face in my chest and insisted on head scratches. Typical.We enjoyed a night out on the town tonight, dinner in a seafood/sushi place with free wifi!!! We barely talked and totally enjoyed free use of our phones. Tomorrow is a big day: geology tour and stepping on the Arctic circle.

Will post more photos from today when I get home. Also, excuse spelling errors 🙂

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