Enjoying some ship (and zodiac) time

After yesterday’s long and exciting day, a slower paced day was welcomed by all. I slept in and had a leisurely breakfast. Then we took zodiac tours of Langenes Peninsula, which is a long peninsula in the very northeastern part of Iceland. There wasn’t much there but there’s an abandoned fishing village with an emergency pod for wayward hikers that get stuck in inclement weather. This is one of the most remote places in all of Iceland. Cholehna and I decided to ride with the “Young Explorers”, aka the kids. We did a quick tour before Colin and Joe had everyone sit on the floor of the zodiac and gave the captain responsibilities to the kids. They took turns controlling the zodiac, going as fast as possible and taking sharp turns. It was actually a lot of fun. At lunch we had different types of smoke salmon and even Swedish meatballs, I should’ve taken a photo of my plate. And saw some more Dolphins playing alongside the ship!

Joe said “Look panicked”, so I did.

Cholena and I got a behind the scenes tour from the chief engineer. We saw the engine room, the electricial rooms, the waste room, basically everything that makes the ship function. The engine room was super loud and the waste room was incredibly organized.


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