Farewell Iceland!

I’m home now (well, actually visiting with my family in Connecticut so not quite home yet), but wanted to make sure I included my last day in Iceland. Friday morning we woke up to the usual fanfare of leaving a ship (moving around luggage with special tags, finding your luggage again on the pier and all the goodbyes). We then boarded a bus in Reykjavik and headed off to the Blue Lagoon. We had some spots along the way, a quick visit to Kleifarvatn lake and a little walk around the Krysuvik hot springs. But the highlight of the day was the Blue Lagoon! I realize this place is touristy, but I loved it. The facilities are posh and comfortable and the lagoon is huge. The milky blue water felt like a warm bath. They had a bar so I could enjoy one last Icelandic beer while I floated around. The Blue Lagoon has geothermal seawater that is naturally renewed each 24 hours or so. If I’m ever back in Iceland, I would absolutely come back.

I bid a farewell to Cholehna at the airport, as she headed to pick up her rental car and explore Iceland more on her own. After some mild flight delays, I was New York bound. Later this week I have to pack for my next adventure, couple weeks in Alaska!

My second Cabbage Patch Kid was supposed to be from Spain, complete with a traditional dress and a passport. As a little girl, I remember looking at the stamps in the passport, not really understanding what they were for, but I was intrigued none the less. When I received my passport back from the ship’s pursar, I flipped through all the stamps. As a kid, my family didn’t really travel internationally. My first trip abroad didn’t occur until I was 21 and went to London. Today I thought again of that silly little doll and her passport stamps. My passport is almost full and I’m due for a renewal next year. My passport is like a grown up version of my doll’s, and much more exciting since instead of telling the fictional story of some doll, my passport tells a story of my own adventures. This latest stamp in Iceland is full of excitement and awe inspiring landscapes, as well a representation of all the people I met along the way. What does your passport tell us?

I saw Greenland from the plane! So gorgeous…..


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