Preview of Denali and the joys of Talkeetna

So today we spent a lot of time in the car. A LOT. But what a nice drive!

We left Palmer and got on the road to Fairbanks. Our first stop (well, our only real stop) was a visit to the charming town of Talkeetna. This town not only welcomes tourists, they insist you act like tourists. So many fun things to take photos with. Cute shops galore in equally adorable little log cabins. And Denali Brew Pub (or maybe it’s called Twister Creek Restaurant? Doesn’t matter, you can’t miss it). As recommended by a good friend (the adorable Kirk Goodman), the fish and chips were top notch. As was the beer. Yummy. This town was a great stop for sure.IMG_3394.jpg

We also caught a sneak preview of Denali as we drove through park on our way to Fairbanks. Looks spectacular, we are spending three nights near Denali after we explore Fairbanks for a few days. And I caught a glimpse of the “Into the Wild” bus (not the actual Chris McCandless bus, but the one they built for the film). Will try to stop for a photo, naturally. IMG_3425.JPG

We are exhausted and made it to sunset (it’s 10:38pm as I type). Excited to explore Fairbanks and the North Pole tomorrow!


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