Touring around Anchorage

We got in Saturday night and headed off to our accommodations, which were centrally located and super cute. We walked over to 49th State Brewing Company for dinner and beer, which was really all we could manage to accomplish after a long day of travel. But it was a nice introduction to Alaska and our server was an East Coast native who recently moved from Jersey City to Anchorage. Afterwards, we went to sleep.

On Sunday we braved the rain (just a persistent drizzle) and checked out Anchorage. Our first stop was Anchorage Museum. This place was great. The museum itself was well designed and structurally gorgeous and had great exhibits. The “View from Up Here” exhibit was focused on people living in the Arctic and had some wonderful photographs and videos. The “Alaska Native Cultures” exhibit had a lot of artifacts and these interactive screens so you could learn more information. And they had a huge interactive discovery center for kids of all ages, which combined science and local information. I really liked this museum!IMG_2828.JPG

Next we headed to the Anchorage Market and Festival and checked the different vendors. There was food and some live music as well. I got to pet a cute puppy, which was a nice treat. We then had lunch at Humpy’s Great Alaskan Alehouse and looked for a message from my friends Jeremy and Jocelyn who were here a few weeks back. We didn’t find the message, it got washed away. We then set off in the car to check out some local scenery (Cook’s Inlet) and walk around Kincaid Park in search of moose (we found a momma and a baby on the drive out!). At night, we did a walking ghost tour around downtown Anchorage. Super fun, he told stories he collected from people all around Anchorage and showed us the buildings where the stories took place. Most of the haunts were regular people, more or less. Super cool.IMG_2883.JPG


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