Rock or bear? You decide.

There was a moment today, when everyone was yelling that they saw a bear. A grizzly bear! They pointed to the location, so I located said bear, and started to shoot. My camera, clearly not a gun. I took about ten photos before Amanda pointed out I wasn’t looking at the bear. I missed the bear. I missed the momma bear and bear cub. What I did photograph with my fancy new camera is in fact a rock. A nice, large rock that is somewhat shaped like a bear in the fetal position.IMG_3934.JPG

Other than that, Denali was amazing. And after a 13.5 hour trek through Denali, I’m ready for bed. We are going back tomorrow for a hike and more bus touring. So I shall leave you all with some photos from today (sans rock).IMG_3992.JPG

This post was actually written on Saturday. Due to inconsistent interwebs, I’m a tad behind.



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  1. Pete says:

    Your were indeed fortunate that the mountain was out… thanks for sharing.


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