Heading down to the Kenai Peninsula

We left Healy early on Monday morning after one last delicious homemade breakfast at the wonderful Denali Dome Home and made a quick stop at the Denali book store. We had a long drive down to Seward, with a bathroom/ice cream break (yes, those two can go hand-in-hand), a quick drive-by of Sarah Palin’s house (we could kinda see it from the main road), and tasty lunch at some Mexican place (Mexican food in Alaska, go figure). IMG_4405.JPG

The drive down to Seward was super pretty. You could see glaciers all around. It was low tide and the beach stretched out long and far. Our new lodging has a hot tub by a creek, pretty cool.IMG_4417.JPG

We rushed to the Alaska Sealife Center mainly so you don’t have to, it’s super small and overpriced. And I forgot it was funded by Exon monies after the Valdez spill. Go figure. The puffins were cool and the aquarium was well-designed, but not worth the money. We then wandered around Seward, which is a pretty cool place. We looked in some shops and had a beer at Yukon Bar. This is a great bar. Dollar bills hung from the ceilings and walls. Some couple was loudly arguing in the back corner. Someone else broke a glass. We got asked if we just “got off the boat”. Amanda taught us how to play pull tabs (it’s lotto for states that don’t have lotto). If we hadn’t been so hungry, I would’ve suggested we drank there all night. IMG_4383.JPG

We ate at Seward Brewing, which was pretty good. Of course I got my dad yet another brewery shirt. We headed back to our inn and got in a good soak in that hot tub. IMG_4414.jpg


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