Better late than never, starting 2017 on the Block

I do realize that February is nearly half over and New Years is well past. I’m on sabbatical working full time on my PhD now and my brain is constantly and nervously full of research and writing. But as I take a moment to start a new book (pleasure reading!!! My long lost friend), I reminded myself, you can blog a bit too. Throw caution into the wind, read and blog for fun!

Spent a glorious weekend on Block Island for New Year celebrations with dear friends. I can’t stress enough how magical Block Island is, especially in the winter. It’s cold and blustering, but in all the right ways. The bars and restaurants feel like cozy sweaters. The beach and hiking trails are crisp but empty, like they’ve been waiting just for you. And the glorious sea, lapping white at the frozen beach. Perfection, quiet perfection. 

We had a blast, but my favorite moment was a soliditary run around town up to the airport. The streets were silent. I just drank it all in and enjoyed the cool breeze because I know when I return in July, there will be no silence. And I will be fine with that, but some peace and quiet at the start of 2017 is lovely.


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