Halo Berlin!

I have to confess, I’m been away from home for over a month and haven’t written a single blog post. But, I have a good excuse. Great, even. I’m at a dissertation writing workshop, a “boot camp” if you will, with NYU here in Berlin, Germany for a chunk of the summer. I spent my days writing, or, trying to write as today was the case. I don’t have a lot of time for blog writing, but I figure today I’d write at least a little something about my non-writing adventures here in Berlin.

IMG_6617So during the days, I’m writing away, but my office is super cool. The NYU space is nestled in the KulturBrauerei, which is an old brewery. The buildings are gorgeous and there’s little bars and places to eat, a “kino” (cinema), a museum, and they seem to host a variety of events in the afternoon from live music to Berlin fashion week. They had a stage of sorts set up today when I left, which was pretty neat. So I’m happy to have a cool place to write.

IMG_6671When I’m not writing, I’m definitely enjoying summer in Berlin. The city is great. The sun goes down late, so the days are long. It’s easy to get around on public transportation or by bike. The streets are flat and there’s tons of parks to run to  and get lost in. One of my favorite spots is Tempelhof, which is a decommissioned airfield turned park. You can bike, run, rollerskate, rollerblade, kiteboard, etc. right on the runway. Definitely a cool place to watch the sun set, bring a beer or bottle wine and enjoy. Just beware of the bugs that emerge from the fields after dusk. They don’t bite, but sure do fly right into your face.

IMG_6738Eating and drinking is awesome in Berlin. Of course, there’s bratwurst and curry wurst and schnitzel, but you can get so many different types of food. One place I loved checking out was Markthalle Neun. It’s a farmers market by day, but a food hall with delicious street food on Thursday nights. I braved the torrential rain to check it out about two weeks ago, and it was worth the soaking rain. They even have a brewery in the basement! And speaking of beer, I mean, it’s Germany. Beer is everywhere. BRLO Brwhouse was a cool spot, with a variety of beers to try. The brewery is built out of old shipping containers, and they have a beer garden out back. The beers were really good.

IMG_6677There’s also a lot of outdoor cinema in Berlin. Last week went with a colleague to check out Rebel Without a Cause at Freiluftkino Kreuzberg which seemed fitting to watch a classic American film on the 4th of July. I love outdoor movies. They had comfy deck chairs and thick, cozy blankets to lay out on the grass.


And I did venture outside of Berlin, well, pretty far outside of Berlin, but will save that for another post. One lazy sunny Sunday I ventured with some colleagues out to Spreewald, which is pretty much a national park here in Germany. We rented kayaks and paddled, paddled, paddled around all the little canals. It was magical, on par with a fairytale. Though I didn’t get them on camera, they have the most vibrant blue dragonflies buzzing about absolutely charming.

IMG_6734I have only two weeks left here in Berlin! I try to post again and share some of my weekend adventures in Denmark and Italy. Tcshüss!!


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