Weekend in Denmark…..

A few weekends ago, I was able to visit the charming Danish city of Copenhagen. We took the overnight bus and arrived bright and early around 8:30am. Surprisingly, I slept on the bus! But I think I’m getting too old for long bus rides.

Copenhagen is adorable. It’s super easy to get around and super easy to bike. Our first stop was Carlsberg Brewery. The tour was funny and the guide had great historical stories about the brewery and Copenhagen. Their beers were tasty and they had clydesdales hanging around. What more could you want? And since it was raining, seemed like a good first stop.

Took a long stroll around Copenhagen. Gorgeous buildings. My favorite was a street with a bunch of brightly colored homes all in a row. Spent a lot of time eating through Copenhagen Street Food, which is right on the water (canal? river? etc.). This place was packed but oh so good. So many options!! Met a sweet family from the US and talked with them a bit while we shared a table.


The next day we had brunch at Mad & Kaffee, which is adorable and allows you to customize your brunch. The rain held off and were were able to eat outside, which was super nice. Afterwards we walked in to the city center, rented some bikes and took off to explore! Riding around Copenhagen is pretty easy, there are expansive bike lanes and the city is flat. You just have to look out for other bikes and all the tourists 🙂

We stopped by Our Savior’s Church and Tower and checked out the inside and looked up at the tower. There was a looooong line to climb the tower, so we skipped that and opting for more biking around. Of course, no trip to Copenhagen would be complete without a visit to the Little Mermaid. She is super small. I was pleasantly surprised that tourists were well behaved and not climbing all over her. There were a lot of people visiting with her as well. We stopped for a delicious lunch along the canal and then find a cool bar with a great beer selection.

Before I headed back to Berlin via the overnight train, we went to Tivoli Gardens! I loved it. It’s an old amusement park in the middle of the city. Reminds me so much of Disneyland, which is not surprising as Walt Disney did borrow a lot of elements from Tivoli. I rode their oldest rollercoasters, which was great fun. This place is awesome, I hope to return one day!


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