What to do with 21 hours in paradise?

We left Madagascar yesterday but felt no sadness as we headed to enjoy some time on Mauritius. Last night we got to our guesthouse in the dark, but were thrilled to know our cute room was right on the water. And of course, I could hear the ocean. Plus the best feature was a huge shower with double shower heads. After dinner and some wine, we just hung out in the room and read. And updated social media, since we had WiFi again!!! The power went in and out, and then in, but then out for good until morning.

I got up early this morning, excited for some beach time. The view was spectacular. Outside our room was a small sitting area above the beach. White sand beach was met with black volcanic rock which was met by Blue Bay with varying shades of blue depending on the coral or sandy bottom. The bay stretched out far with the surf breaking off in the distance. Birds were chirping, few wispy white clouds in the sky, and no one to be seen along the beach in either direction. Paradise.

Once Amanda got up, we had a leisurely breakfast amongst the other guests. Amanda took off in search of birds with her big lens in hand, I settled into a beach chair with a book after wandering around the beach a bit. Warm breeze, sunny day. Perfect beach weather. After a while I wandered along the rocks and their pier of sorts, to sit on the water. I started chatting with a couple from Capetown (South Africa) once the husband stopped snorkeling. Mauritius is an ideal vacation spot for them, quick flight to escape the winter.

We got snorkeling gear from the boat house, they also had kayaks and stand up paddle boards as well. Amanda and I walked down to a sandy spot and slowly got into the water, was a tad chillier than I anticipated. I didn’t snorkel for long, kicking bothered my knee, still sore from falling in the rainforest. The reef system was nice, some purple coral and coral that looked like spread out flowers. There were spots of bleaching, but not too much. The water was clean and clear, with plenty of fish. We saw sea cucumbers as well. The blue bay is huge! After snorkeling, we spent time laying on the beach until we had to move our bags out of the room. Then we spent more time lounging on the beach.

Amanda exploring

We had a long and leisurely lunch by the water, which was tasty. We took quick showers before eating dessert and getting a lift back to the airport in time for our next flight to Dubai and then onwards to NYC. This flight is six hours, short layover in Dubai and then fourteen hours to home.

Fish friend that Amanda saved!

Mauritius was gorgeous! The only dodo birds were saw were at the airport in the gift shop. I really appreciated some beach time before we headed back.

Another view from our room 🙂

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